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“Roll With It” Book + Movie

If the "Roll With It" film gets you inspired, then get a copy of this limited edition book of the same name which dives deep into the nitty gritty of how to get your crew and gear together for a bike trip. Gabriel Amadeus Tiller is a fantastic wordsmith, along with wonderful contributions from Mai Yan Kwan and Jules NeSmith, amazing illustrations from Chris McNally, and great photos from Brian Vernor. Each copy includes a unique download code for the film, so you can watch it as many times as you like!

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A Bicycle Adventure with Friends

Going on an overnight camping trip with just what you can carry on a bike seems scary to most people. This quirky, yet artful film debunks those fears, by pulling together strangers with different backgrounds to show how truly joyful and enriching travel by bike can be.

The film will be accompanied by a book that explains, in more granular detail, how anyone can use their bike as a portal to a world of adventure. Look for both the book and the film this June at theatres, bike shops and other venues worldwide.

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Do you know someone or someplace that would be perfect for a screening in your town?

If so, we’d like to hear from you. Here are a couple things to consider to get a screening going:

  • Location — A small theatre, bike shop, brewery or even a back yard can be perfect
  • Date — Any date will do, but keep in mind when you might get the best attendance or if there are weather considerations
  • Time — If this is an outdoor affair, be mindful of the sunset and if there are any noise restrictions

The film is about 25 minutes long, and works great when mixed with other short films or activities (local band, party, bike club meeting, etc).

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A Story of Makers

Each person in the cast also played a role in making the film or book. Including illustration, photography, musical score and writing book chapters …

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“Roll With It” Press Kit

So, you want to talk about the film, host a screening or make a poster? Let us help you. This file contains all the information you could possibly want, including words, photos and links.

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